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The Most Amazing TV Sitcom One Liner Quotes and Jokes

In comedy there is no time for thinking what you will say next because there is no serious part of life in comedy. There are so many comedy series that makes you forget how serious life is and makes you enjoy every line that the actors say and laugh all the time. There are those scenes that you can never forget and the lines just make you laugh every time you remember them. This article will help you discover more of the sitcom lines and quotes that keeps everyone laughing from different comedy movies and series. The following are some of the most amazing TV sitcom one-liner quotes and jokes.

From Seinfeld a 1990 sitcom, “no soup for you” was the response given by a rude owner of the most amazing soup restaurant in town.

Charlie’s bluster “Pepe Sylvia” in the comedy series it is always sunny in Philadelphia, is really funny the way he laments and to make it more amazing Charlie is later realized to be illiterate.

This “norm” one-liner in the comedy series cheers is the most commonly used line by almost everyone and used as the arrival call thus making is the best for every viewer from the series.

From the longest TV comedy series, Simpson’s the most memorable on the liner is the “D’oh” from homer, who uses it every time something goes wrong and it seems like every time because he will mess up just everything he does.

More about the comedy series how I met your mother, Barney has the most hilarious slogan “suit up” and he will never fail to say it over and over again making it a notable line from the comedy since it is also simple to remember.

From the comedy, friends joey has the opening line “how you doin?” In every conversation making it the most memorable of all lines in the series.

Ricky Lucy’s husband will always use “Lucy you’ve got some splainin’ to do” when asking his wife about the day’s misadventures thus is making is the most used line in the series.

South park comedy has info. about Kenny an incoherent murmur who keep getting murdered for a reason or another and others keep the line “oh my God they killed Kenny” thus making it outstanding in the comedy.

The most notable line in the office is “that’s what she said” by Michael which he would say whenever someone said something.

Ron of the parks and recreation has the funniest way of making meal orders and you cannot fail to laugh of the size of the order and the most outstanding sitcom one-liner is “I want all of the eggs and bacon”.

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